HeyDoc! 1.8

Personal health information manager and help

Personal health information manager and help.

Enter personal general health information in addition to specific information about, weight, blood pressure, sodium intake, pain level, prescriptions, allergic reactions, emergency contact information, cholesterol levels, fever pedometer counts, menstrual tracking, glucose level, blood type, prescription tracking, organ donor, vitamins and supplement tracking. Spell check, highlighting, read ahead input, color schemes and family licensing.

HeyDoc is a stand-alone application, so all information is completely private. The interface is straight-forward, easy-to-use, and has something for everyone. This application also allows the user to print-out selected information to take to the doctor. This is especially important when changing doctors and providing a history of symptoms/illness.

This program is for everyone who wants to track their health, diet, illness symptoms, vaccinations, doctor information, insurance claims, and anything health-related.



HeyDoc! 1.8

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  • lindie5150

    by lindie5150

    "Great, easy, highly recommend!"

    This is great, exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommend, it helps me to keep track of a lot of medical issue...   More.

  • BarÓg

    by BarÓg

    "Trust me I'm a doctor"

    I was hoping that this program would allow me to replace my local GP with its waiting room and weird smell, but no. I...   More.